About Me

Here just a few words about myself ... Is was born on 24th September 1986 in Berlin and according to my parents I have ever been a very curious and open character. Therefore there are many things I am interested in and flying aircrafts is my biggest hobby out of many. Ever since I was a child it has always been my dream and to become a pilot and I pursued that goal till today. My flight training for my airline pilot license is now done and the dream came true...

Why do I love it?

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward!"

- Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Where Am I?

Most of the time I'm in Hamburg, because that's where I'm based, but you can find me in Berlin as well every now and then.

What Am I Doing?

Mainly I'm an airline pilot, working for one of the major european Airlines and besides I'm instructing all kinds of aviation theory and flying in practice.

My Licences


- Typerating A320

- SPL-UL incl. Instructor

My History

Aviation Training

UL Theoretical Training

Since I started in 2005 to teach radio communication for VFR flights many subjects were added to my repertoire. Using good illustrated presentations and an open teaching method I am able to teach even complicated subjects like Air Law in an easy to understand way and if necessary I even bake a cake representing the airspace structure to illustrate its three-dimensionality.

UL Flight Training

Since 2007 I can share my knowledge and experience in the airplane as well. Over the last years I was able to gain a profound level experience both as a privat  pilot and a commercial pilot and I am more than happy to pass that on to my students!

VFR Radio Communication

This certificate is part of the Privat Pilot License but when sport pilots want to do sightseeing flights over big cities like Berlin or Hamburg, where they have to enter controlled airspaces, they need that radio communication certificate as well. In Germany this can be in German and in Englisch. I'm giving lessons for many years now and due to my experience in airline aviation and sport aviation I can add many interesting information to the radio communication training. In addition I am always trying to be up-to-date regarding the current examination process enabling me to train my students as good as possible.

IFR Radio Communication

If you would like to fly commercially even when the weather is really bad you need a radio communication certificate for instrument flight rules (AZF). I added that subject just recently to my repertoire and the first 4 students went to the exam, came back with a big smile on their faces after they have passed the exam without any issues. My experience from the real world airline aviation is a big help preparing my students for the exam!

Interested in a Training?

Would you like to extend your knowledge and profit from a profound airline based experience?

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